Introducing The Holy Land Christian Pilgrimage


9 Days Thu. 11 to Fri. 19th October 2018

Led by Canon Paul Townsend





Day 1 – Outward Journey

Thursday 11th Oct. Dinner & Overnight by Galilee

Assemble at London Luton airport and check-in for the direct flight to Ben Gurion airport in Israel.

On arrival, travel by private coach through the rolling hills and plains to Galilee’s shores.

Arrive at the hotel for room allocation and the evening meal


Day 2 – Gospel Galilee

Friday 12th Oct. Dinner & Overnight by Galilee

A Morning Sail across the sea from Tiberias to the northern shores to dock and visit:

Magdala, fishing village home of Mary Magdalene.

Mt. of Beatitudes overlooking the sea where Jesus taught the eight beatitudes.

Tabgha, seaside setting of Jesus’ challenge to St. Peter.

Capernaum, Galilean centre of Jesus’ Ministry where Mass will be Celebrated.

Then round the eastern shores to circumvent the Sea to stop at Gadara (Kursi) where the demonic was healed.


Day 3 – Nazareth/Mt. Tabor

Saturday 13th Oct. Dinner & Overnight by Galilee

Start with a visit to ‘Cana of Galilee’ where Our Lord attended the wedding feast.

On to nearby Nazareth – home of the Holy Family. Visit the Church of the Annunciation built over the original village from Gospel days and Celebrate Mass.

To Mount Precipice where Elders attempted to throw Our Lord off the cliff.Into the Jezreel Valley to ascend Mount Tabor where Our Lord was transfigured. Visit the Franciscan church commemorating the event.


Day 4 – Golan/Caesarea

Sunday 14th Oct. Dinner & Overnight by Galilee

Drive up to the Golan Height to stop at Quinetra in the region where St. Paul was converted on the ‘Road to Damascus’.

Pass through the Druze villages to the slopes of Mount Hermon to Caesarea Philippi in the region where Our Lord took the disciples and challenged St. Peter.

Returning to Galilee, visit Chorazim, one of the three major cities of the Gospel period with a well restored synagogue and ‘Bema’ – judgment seat.

Down to Galilee’s shore for Mass.


Day 5 – Jericho/Jerusalem

Monday 15th Oct. Dinner & Overnight in Jerusalem

South through the Jordan valley to the oasis of Jericho through which Our Lord often passed through.

On to Bethany-beyond-the-Jordan, by the banks of the Jordan River where St. John baptised to Celebrate Mass.

Up into Wadi Kelt in the wilderness to see the old Roman road on which Our Lord based the ‘Good Samaritan’ story and view the 6th century St. George’s Monastery perched into the rocks.

Visit Bethany village – home of Mary, Martha & Lazarus and see the Tomb of Lazarus.

On to the hotel for room allocation and dinner.


Day 6 – Shepherds and Angels

Tuesday 16th Oct. Dinner & Overnight in Jerusalem

Call at the village of Ein Karem and birth place of St. John the Baptist to visit one of the churches commemorating his life.

Into the Judean desert and view the Herodium where Herod had a huge palace and was buried.

To the Shepherds Fields to reflect on the birth of Christ and Celebrate Mass.

On to Bethlehem’s Manger Square and the Church of the Nativity built over cave dwellings from antiquity.


Day 7 – Olivet/Gethsemane

Wednesday 17th Oct. Dinner & Overnight in Jerusalem

Call at Bethphage where Our Lord commenced the “Palm Sunday Journey”.

On to the Mount of Olives summit with its breathtaking panorama of the Old City. Amble down the Palm Sunday Path to the Chapel of the Tear-Drop – Dominus Flevit – commemorating Our Lord weeping over Jerusalem.

Enter the Garden of Gethsemane for reflection and Celebrate Mass.

Up to Mount Zion to visit the Room of the Last Supper and St. Peter in Gallicantu Church built over the remains of the High Priest’s Palace.


Day 8 – Jerusalem Old City

Thursday 18th Oct. Dinner & Overnight in Jerusalem

Visit the Pools of Bethesda where the cripple was healed by Our Lord. Call at St. Anne’s Crusader Church nearby with its special acoustic.

Next to the Ecce Homo Convent and see the Judgment Hall where Pilate tried Our Lord. Note the stone floor etchings of the ‘game of kings.

Mass will be celebrated.

Continue through the markets and Bazaars following the Stations of the Cross on the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Cavalry.


Day 9 – Jerusalem/London

Friday 19th Oct.

Visit the Southern Temple Wall excavations and see the Ancient Temple Gates, Old Pilgrim Steps, Mikvah Baths, and location of the Temple Pinnacle.

An area Our Lord would have visited often.

On to Emmaus in the village of Abu Ghosh and the Crusader Church commemorating Our Lord walking with the disciples.

Check-in at Tel Aviv airport for the return London fight.


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